Transport Communication

On transport-geographical location, Ukraine is in an extremely favorable terms. This applies particularly to the west-east direction (from Western and Central Europe to Eastern Europe and Asia, and vice versa), as well as north-south (from Northern Europe to the Middle East, and vice versa). To this day, these advantages of transport-geographical position  haven’t been used.

All types of transport are operating in Ukraine – rail, road, river, pipeline and air. Individual kinds of transport interact with each other, forming a transport system while carrying out freight and passenger transportation.

The leading place in the carriage of freight in the country belongs to pipeline and railway transport, in the carriage of passengers – automobile, electrical and rail transport.

Automobile Transportation

Car leasing
Do you have a business trip in Ukraine? Are you planning the visit of foreign delegations, various meetings at the state level? Are you an organizer of big sports and concert events, conferences, seminars, forums, corporative parties? Or you are fond of travelling, and Ukraine is the next country in your list? Haven’t you seen your relatives for a long time and going to come and see them? Or looking for a Ukrainian wife?
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Useful Information:
The network of roads of general usage includes 172.4 thousand km of roads, including paved – 164.1 thousand km (excluding municipal, departmental, on-farm). Almost all automobile ways of Ukraine are passed through towns that do not meet the requirements for international transport corridors and it leads to a speed limit of road transport. However, automobile roads of Ukraine do not meet European standards on many indicators, in particular such as: speed, axle load, the provision with modern road signs and markings, necessary number of technical items and medical care, nutrition and rest, refueling and lubrication oil, telephone, etc. There are practically no roads of the first category with multilane traffic at high speeds. a Material-technical base of organizations engaged in the development and maintenance of road transport network requires a significant improvement.

Roads of European importance, passing through the territory of Ukraine:

  • West-East direction;

  • Major roads – the E40, E50;

  • Intermediate roads – E38, E58;

  • North-South direction;

  • Major roads – E85, E95, E105;

  • Intermediate roads – E81, E87, E97, E101;

  • Branches, connecting roads – E372, E373, E381, E391A, E471, E573, E577, E583.

Railway Transportation in Ukraine

Railway transport in Ukraine is well-developed although the rolling stock is quite outdated. Railway net comes all over the country, raising up to the Carpathian mountains. In most cases connection is performed on such traces as: Kiev-Lvov-Uzhgorod, Kiev-Odessa, Kiev-Kharkov, Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk-Donetsk, Kiev-Simferopol.

Booking-offices net of “extra-service for passengers” has recently got development; tickets to the scarce directions can be purchased there for a little higher fee avoiding long turns and receiving higher guarantee.

Techno-economic and operational features of railway decrease because of the track gauge difference from the Western-European ones; this reflects especially negative upon foreign and through transportation. It requires keeping 14 specially equipped stations on the Western borders; 11 stations are for reloading importing freights, and 8 points are for transferring cars with Western-European trucks.

Kinds of carriages: second-class, compartment, bedroom, luxury.

Services provided in trains of international and inter-city connection: offering bedlinen and pocket door blockers; ordering tea, coffee; buying confectionery, mineral water, juice, disposable tableware.

You can also use refrigerators and microwave ovens. Besides you can buy printed goods, railway schedule, advertising brochures and catalogs etc. You have a possibility to watch movies in the train and if necessary to use the trains’ connection or to make the train radio announcement.

Contacting us, you will receive the complete information of Ukrainian railway headings; as well as active support in selecting the perfect-matching journey for you. Our experts will assist you in choosing and booking the tickets.

Air connection

There are 34 functional airports in Ukraine: 23 airports have checkpoints through the state borders and 8 airports are strategic that are connected by airlines with many cities of Russia, CIS countries, Western Europe, Asia and Africa (Boryspil, Donetsk, Odessa, Lviv, Simferopol, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zhuliany). Such airports as Dzhankoy, Kyiv (Antonov), Limanskoe provide freight services, Yalta is a heliport.

The cost of round flight from Kiev to the other cities of Ukraine (Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk etc.) is app. 160-170 USD. There is a system of on-line booking.

Airlines of Ukraine:
International Flights:
1. Aerosvit
 Is the largest airline in Ukraine which services domestic and international flights.
2. Air Urga
Serves international flights on UN programs, as well as charters by An-24 and An-26 in Ukraine.
3. Mars RK
Serves regional charters in Ukraine and nearby countries by planes Saab-340.
4. Tavrey Airlines
Serves international charter flights from the large cities of Ukraine by planes Yak-42.
5. Ukraine International Airlines
Regular flights from Kiev to the largest cities of Europe and the Near East.
6. UM Air (Ukrainian-Mediterranean Airlines)
Serve regular and charter international flights from Kiev by planes DC-9 and А-320.
Domestic Flights:
7. Aerostar
Air-taxi and business aviation services within the country.
8. Donbassaero
Regular flights from Donetsk, charter flights from Kiev y planes Yak-42, A-320.
9. Ilyich-Avia
Regular flights from Mariupol by planes An-140.
10. South Airlines
Regional Flights within Ukraine and neighboring countries from Odessa.
11. Wizz Air Ukraine
Is the first low-cost air company in the country. Low-cost flights from Kiev, Lvov and Simferopol by planes A-320.
Charter Flights:
12. Aero-Charter
Charter VIP transportations through Ukraine by aircraft Yak-40.
13. Business Aviation Center
Charter flights by aircrafts L-410.
14. Challenge Aero
Regular and charter flights in Ukraine.
15. Constanta Airline
Charter flights by aircrafts Yak-40 from different cities of Ukraine.
16. Dniproavia
Regular and charter flights from Dnepropetrovsk.
17. Lugansk Airlines
Charter flights by aircrafts An-24.
18. Lvov Airlines
Regular and charter flights from Lviv.
19. Motor Sich Airlines
Regular and charter flights from Zaporozhye by aircrafts An-140.
20. UTair Ukraine
New air line company, “daughter” of the Russian UTair.
21. Vega Air Company
Business aviation services in Ukraine.
22. Windrose
Charters on resort directions and regular flights Kyiv-Moscow.
23. Yuzhmashavia
Charter flights by aircrafts Yak-40.
Rent of helicopter
Free choice of travel direction, speed and comfort, along with reasonable combination of price and quality — these are the main constituents of popularity which is deservedly enjoyed by such a service as rent of helicopter. The cost of such service in Ukraine can amount from 400 to 2400 $ per hour. Embarkation and debarkation can be accomplished in any airport of Ukraine. In most cases rent of helicopters is available after 100% prepayment before the flight.
We can help you to choose the most profitable variant of travels by helicopter among numerous services, rendered by Ukrainian companies.

Waterways in Ukraine

River transport
Volumes of cargo and passengers transportation by river transport are insignificant, but the most rentable due to international connections with the use of basins of the Dnieper and the Danube, as well as coast waters of the Black Sea in direction of Central and South-Eastern Europe countries.
In Kyiv and other big cities with river shipping you can go sightseeing across the river, with or without guide, enjoy beautiful sight of the city and suburbs, have time at business or romantic lunch.
Also there is an opportunity to make a tour down the Dnieper down to the Black Sea, for instance, cruise Kyiv – Odessa, duration of which can vary from 7 to 12 days.
If you don’t want to depend on the time schedule of cruise voyage, you can rent a yacht or river motor ship. Our company is always at you service.
Sea transport
Ukraine has access to two seas: the Black and the Azov seas.
Ukrainian touristic companies offer a wide choice of sea travels by comfortable yachts and motor boats, including exciting individual and group tours through bays and in the open sea. With pleasure we will choose the variant of rest and sea tour, which would be comfortable for you and respond the highest requirements.