Where we are active

География деятельности

Tema 2000 Ltd is a leader in market entry services.

Together with our partners we act in Ukraine, Baltic region, Western Europa, especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Moldova, Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Caucasian Region, Russia, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan etc.

All these countries offer attractive business development opportunities for foreign investors. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that the proposed business opportunities portfolio corresponds to their objectives and meet their investment criteria. Our partners from the West look for the alternative solutions which would satisfy their highest demands.

Since we have been working in Eastern Europe for many years, we are quite experienced, aware of useful information, also we are in contact with heads of enterprises and sometimes even with their owners personally.

Despite all our useful contacts in Eastern Europe and our wide experience and success we don’t delude you: Eastern Europe is a complicated market. Meaningful contacts can loose their significance even in several weeks; enterprises’ personnel changes as often as political elite representatives. Laws can suddenly lose their effect because of the contrary decrees; permissions and certificates can become non valid etc.

Besides the analysis of the Russian, Ukrainian and other CIS markets requires local managerial skills to overcome internal challenges, such as:

  • Lack of structuring and accountability in most industries.
  • Unreliable statistics with high quantity of illegal imports and exports as well as the illegal schemes used by many companies to avoid taxes.

It is also important to take into account non-market factors, such as corruption, monopoly interests, etc.

To achieve a dominant position in the market of Eastern Europe we should work hard, devote much time to our activity, keep the track of everyday events, observe legal framework and respond actively to this development.

Also there are other factors that cause difficulties for Western companies while they implement their plans, among them are: time consumption for establishing and holding representative structures, search for high-experienced and reliable staff, efficient funds management and many other risks.

We have our own know-how in overcoming such difficulties in a special way: it concerns both the price and the content. We have already made-up structure and you can use it any time convenient for you. Additionally we provide our clients with the experts for respective technical part.

In this way together with our partners we build business, develop it and solve any difficulties that arise in the markets of the Eastern Europe and CIS countries.