If you come to Kiev to have a rest, be sure, that night Kiev is not going to sleep. The city at night lives its own life, life of joy and amusement. On weekends you can meet crowds of young people hurrying to night clubs. Kiev lets its citizens and guests try a wide night entertainment program. There is a big number of restaurants, cafes, sushi bars, night clubs and karaoke bars suited to every fancy. You can dance up till the morning in ultrafashionable night club; you can spend a romantic night in a chic restaurant or enjoy a sad song of saxophone and smoke a cigar in a little cozy Kiev cellar.

If after all the outings and excursions during the day you still have strength for a sleepless night, Kiev will be glad to open a world of rest and night entertainments. If you wish to get acquainted with night Kiev you can feel its unique atmosphere in night clubs and restaurants. No matter if it’s a comfortable karaoke-bar or crazy dancing at disco, you will have a great relaxing of both your mind and body.

Many visitors of the city choosing a place to go in the evening ask which club is the best. However “the best” is a loose concept, especially taking into account, that Kiev has just a great choice of such places! If the criteria is club visitors, face control, interior aristocracy and service quality, you should go to such night clubs as D*Lux, Crystal hall, Arena, Barsky. This kind of clubs is famous for its comfort and individual approach. For appreciators of music and performing musicians there are night clubs D*Lux, Forsage, Saxon. One can find a good bar with low prices in such night clubs as Greenwich, Disco Radio Hall, Schatye est’, Kalinka-Malinka. If you just look for coziness and small amount of people, go to Salminskiy, 111, Tsar project or Babyface. Lovers of 80’s disco will enjoy Disco Radio Hall, Kalinka-Malinka, PaTiPa in some days, and the night club Forsage in VIP hall. Foreigners like to have a rest at the centre of the city, the nearer to Khreschatik the better. These are clubs PaTiPa, Arena, Tsar project, Barsky and 111.

Our Top-10 will help you to choose a place to enjoy yourself in:

  1. Heaven. This night club is situated in the very centre of our capital. The atmosphere of this club can easily to take you away from daily routine to the real piece of paradise. Among the guests you can often meet celebrities who are always ready to warm up the public with their relaxed behavior.
  2. Patipa. The most popular night club for youth. Professional deejays, good sound and perfectly selected light effects – this is what PaTiPa means.
  3. Barsky. The club is the newest and most popular bohemian club in Kiev. Amazing program and luxurious concerts every weekend. People attending Barsky are mostly self-sufficient adults with above average income.
  4. Tsar project (Царь). Night club “Tsar” really looks like a palace and is situated in a picturesque place. The building is a historical monument. The water that flew through the first water pipeline in Kiev to the richest houses including Mariinsky Palace was kept here. It’s located near Puppet Theater and Water Museum. Weekly performances of world club stage celebrities and concerts of leading musicians and bands from all over the world.
  5. Arena Dance Club. The concept of creating a private club of high quality for the most prosperous audience that would respond to the level of European entertainment. The stage caters for holding several parties with participation of famous singers and deejays, whose concerts are so long-desired in other clubs of the city.
  6. Khlib. The very title Khlib is associated with simplicity. Bar prices are rather reasonable. Only those who want to listen to good deejays and don’t care of decorations and cheep glamour come here.
  7. Prime. There are 3 halls in this club: the main hall, R&B hall and Lounge hall. If you are young and ready to dance and drink various cocktails till morning, then Prime is the best place for you.
  8. Cinema Club. Speaking about parties and such music styles as techno, drum`n`bass, hard-techno, breaks, psy, ragga-jungle, one will first think of the «Cinema Club». This club is a legend. It’s an old stager of not only underground, but the whole club movement of Ukraine.
  9. Forsage Club. Forsage is created as a new contemporary dancing club, which is able to challenge the best Kiev dance floors. Club format is HOUSE MUSIC.
  10. Saxon. Its architecture as well as design represents the interior of castles and fortresses of European Middle Ages Period. Since that Saxon became a bright mark on the club map of the city.