Internet Representation

“In the future there will be two types of companies: those in the Internet and those out of business”

Bill Gates.

Each entrepreneur realizes that abundance of satisfied clients is the guarantee of successful business development. And, sooner or later, a businessman faces the question: where (and how) to get clients for business…

The main step in promoting business is creation and development of the Internet resource which will reflect to the full extent the activity of your business project, as well as help you to attract new prospective investors and clients. Today a website is an integral part of any business, whether it is sale of furniture or rendering qualitative services on housekeeping, in each case our goal is a visitor, who is really interested in our services and the quality of a website will influence his choice greatly.

Creating of website (or websites) should fully correspond to your interests, as you will constantly work with it. Creation of websites is the basic form of promotion of the company, private business and whatever you want. One can use such kinds of sites as vCard, site-catalogue, corporate site, promo-site and many others.  Sites projecting is the main step towards many-hours active work which will constantly progressively work for you in future. Site promotion is an important detail in the profitable work of the site.

SEO promotion is a popular and effective way which will help you, as the aim of promotion is attraction of potential clients and people, interested in our services. Thus, thousands of links to different sites are shown to the request, but your link will be on the one of the first places.
Creation of symbols is projecting of your style, style of your company which should correspond to your field of activity, but at the same time actively attract clients and interested persons. Logotype is not simply a sign, it is recognizability of the company. Symbolics is the image of the company, including you personally, it is individual and demonstrative. It is necessary for everybody, as only logo distinguishes you from millions of other firms, users and persons. Popularity of the site is one of the few steps to success. For promotion we can offer new stylish design, seo, advertising of your site.

At the moment we offer a client a full range of services on site creation, beginning with registration of a domain name, including placing and support of the site. We make analysis of effectiveness of the site’s work and give practical recommendations on seo, preparation of graphic information for publication in the Internet. Customers appreciate our help in developing sites. Qualitative hosting and prompt response of our managers incline to cooperation.

Today order to make a site successful we use the following:

  • seo;
  • contextual advertising;
  • promotion in social networks;
  • seo of web-pages;
  • analysis of target audience and competitors;
  • analysis and recommendations on improvement of using the website;
  • safe hosting for providing continuous operation of the site;
  • site localization is a complex adaptation of software to linguistic norms and national peculiarities of the foreign country.

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