Most Popular Hotels in Ukraine

In Ukraine there is a great amount of unique historical and natural sights attracting tourists from all over the world. They are historical memorials in Kamenets-Podolskiy (Khmelnitsk reg.) and Khotyn fortress which age over a thousand years; arboretum “Sofievka” in Uman, and Khortitsa, and Lvov where almost each building is unique etc. Tourist traffic is there at all time but to accommodate in hotels conforming to the quality.

Stared classification of hotels is adopted in all over the world. On the basis of the world standards there are not so many truly 5-stared hotels in Ukraine. For example in Kiev, there are only 4 of them – “Premier Palace” – the first 5-star hotel in Kiev; “Opera” and “Intercontinental”. The most expensive among them is presidential suit in “Intercontinental” – you should pay 12 500 EUR per night for 300m of the residential floor area. There are several   5-star hotels in other cities of Ukraine. The most famous are “Donbass-Palace” in Donetsk and “Grand hotel Ukraine” in Dnipropetrovsk and “Otrada” in Odessa. Therefore general amount of all 5-star hotels in Ukraine includes less than 10 items.

Though there is a small quantity of 5-star hotels, there are a large number of 4-star-level hotels. Just in Kiev there are more than 20 of them. But stars are not always above all; sure view from many hotels in Ukraine can be more unique than the service in the best hotels in the world.

For example hotel “Faraon” in Kiev is represented like the real four-decked watercraft. Level of service here is quite a few lower than 5 stars but a magnificent view to Dnieper opens up from it. Hotels “Dnepr” and “Kazachiy” guarantee inimitable view to Khreshchatik, Dneprovskaya quay, Independence square. “Republican” stadium is surrounded by excellent hotels – “President”, “Rus”, “Sport”.  Generally, Ukraine is up to most European countries in total amount of hotels. Undoubtedly carrying football championship in Ukraine would expand amount of tourists and uplift interest to its ancient culture. In the coming years rapid development of hotel business in all cities – Odessa, Donetsk, Lvov, and Kiev should be expected. Each region of Ukraine has its unique sights; it means every central city of a region should have a hotel able to accept the most demanding tourists from any country of the world.