Criminality in Ukraine

According to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, at the moment organized crime of the country becomes more professional and unrevealed. As a rule it is fitted out with highly technological equipment and has its own secret service and security.

Criminals try to monopolize not only separate economical branches but to get into the government institutions as well, that is one of the most disturbing problems. At the same time, the problem of gaming industry is also important. It should be solved by the police, but in spite of restraint it continues its activity under the pretense of Internet Cafes.

One more direction of the police struggle is an anti-alcoholic campaign, considering that major part of crimes is committed by people in condition of alcoholic intoxication. Drug-control is also significant. In opinion of the President, drug addiction has reached the level, which constitute a menace to national security.


According to Procurator General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka, the increase of crime reached 31% within 5 month 2010. Pshonka reported that capital offences and especially grave crimes have grown up to 32 %. The cause of such growth lies in decline of the sum of money stolen, which is subject to criminal responsibility.

In relation with such decline, crimes connected with the offense against property reach148,5 %. Totally, in the whole criminality structure the criminals connected with the offense against property amount 50%.

There are tendencies to lowering the criminality level, for example, there is a decrease of grave crimes, particularly, level of armed assault crimes has decreased on 27%, robberies on 19%, the level of fatal crashes has decreased on 15% and the same assaults causing grievous bodily harm, human trafficking crimes on 5%.